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Madden NFL 22 Review – Shift in Momentum

Seattle Seahawks fans have caused minor earthquakes in the past, such as the hoarse voice of 12th Man. The crowd at CenturyLink Field has also earned two Guinness World Records for the loudest roar recorded at a sports stadium, having hit a deafening 137.6 decibels in 2014. Of course, Seattle isn’t the only city known for its boisterous fans. and an intimidating atmosphere. , and this is reflected in various stadiums in Madden NFL 22. After being criticized that last year’s game was light on new content–especially relating to the Franchise mode–developer EA Tiburon has introduced a number of major changes this time around, with the crowd being the most prominent to come out. from the gate.


The new Gameday Atmosphere feature brings the crowds to life with new animations and remastered fan footage that more accurately mimics what you might see and hear. This also extends beyond the cosmetic side as well, as the ball will fly farther, while the wind will mess with your field goal team. In addition, the intensity of the home fans will have an impact on the way the game can be played. This feature is called Gameday Momentum, and introduces a momentum meter to the top of the screen that will move back and forth like a tug of war depending on each team’s performance. If momentum is on your side–because of big sacks or important touchdowns, for example–you’ll gain access to various bonuses (called M-Factors) that give your team an edge in certain situations.

Franchise Mode

In Franchise mode, these AI improvements help to diversify every week of the grueling NFL season. Each team has its own personality and calling style of play so there is not a single match that looks like the last one. To address each team’s strengths and take advantage of their weaknesses, the Franchise has been overhauled with a new weekly strategy. Now, Next Gen Stats will give you a breakdown of how well a team is doing in certain areas on both sides of the ball, from executing outfields and intermediate passes, to attacking quarterbacks and defending short passes. With this information, you can choose the game plan that gives you the best chance of winning. Against the Steelers, for example, you might choose to counter their aggressive attacks, then in the next game, you might focus on holding off the quarterback in an attempt to stop Kyler Murray of the Cardinals scrambling for yards on the ground.

While you spend the week leading up to the game working on strategy, a half-time break gives you the opportunity to change plans if things don’t work out or you want to adopt a different approach because you’re, say, too big. or lag behind. Managing your players’ fatigue and injuries is also another part of the weekly strategy. You may want to train hard before taking on the opposing team to increase your players’ XP, but you need to weigh the risks with the rewards if one of your key players gets injured on contest night. While grinding gives you coins, you can also buy mut 22 coins through online. You can get cheap Madden 22 coins via this link:

One of the other new features of the franchise can at least reduce injuries to some extent. Your head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, and player personnel all have their own RPG-style skill tree. By meeting gamedays and long-term goals, you’ll unlock Staff Points which can be used to upgrade your staff in various areas, such as reducing injury recovery time. Increasing your staff results in better development of your players, providing rewarding loop franchises as a better player means you are more likely to complete goals in turn improving your coach again. Each of these new and revised systems gives Madden 22 greater strategic depth beyond simple list construction. No two games are the same, and Franchising manages to reach a sweet spot where what you do off the pitch has a beneficial impact on what you do on it, to the point where it fundamentally changes the way you are expected to approach each match-up.


When everything is working as it should, Madden 22 marks a recent high for the series. The gameplay doesn’t move the needle much mechanically, but changes to the AI make for more interesting and varied challenges, while Gameday Atmosphere and Momentum brings every fan of the team to life with palpable effect. With Franchising making the moments between these games more interesting, it’s relatively easy to spend hours building a team to challenge the Super Bowl. It’s a shame that this comes with the caveat that technical issues might prove to be the biggest obstacle standing in your way.